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Matsuda Dermatology

Dermatology Clinic located in Honolulu, HI and serving the outer islands: Big Island, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, and Niihau

When the signs of aging make you look older than you feel, seek the help of a professional. At Matsuda Dermatology, Dr. Stella Matsuda, Dr. Shannon Sheu, and Dr. Shelbi Jim On offer patients in Honolulu state-of-the-art PicoSureⓇ laser treatments. From fading dark spots and pigmentation to smoothing wrinkles and acne scars, these treatments leave your skin looking revitalized. To learn more about PicoSure laser treatments and what they can do for your anti-aging goals, call the team at Matsuda Dermatology today or go online to book your appointment.


What is the PicoSure laser?

The PicoSure is an innovative device that uses laser light energy to stimulate your skin’s natural renewing ability, making your skin look younger and more youthful. With PicoSure, Dr. Matsuda, Dr. Sheu, and Dr. Jim On can address a variety of  your anti-aging concerns, including:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Blemishes
  • Dark pigmentation and spots
  • Melasma

With PicoSure, unlike traditional lasers and anti-aging techniques, there’s no downtime and no post-treatment restrictions.

How does PicoSure work?

PicoSure uses intense laser light energy and sends it through a lens before exposing your skin to it. This allows the light to penetrate deep into your tissues and energize your skin cells using cutting-edge PressureWave™ technology.

Instead of heating your cells, like traditional laser treatments, PicoSure applies pressure to your skin cells, squeezing them. This compression stimulates cell signaling, a natural process that allows damaged cells to send a signal to the body to increase the production of collagen and elastin (proteins vital to skin support and structure).

This increase in collagen and elastin reduces your skin’s signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and scar indents. Your skin cells become revitalized and look healthier and more youthful.

What’s more, PicoSure disrupts the cells that cause dark spots and pigmentation to form on your skin. Over time, this breaks up the pigmentation of the skin, causing dark spots to fade and your skin to appear more uniform.

What can you expect during a PicoSure treatment?

When you see Dr. Matsuda, Dr. Sheu, or Dr. Jim On for a PicoSure treatment, there’s no preparation required. Most procedures take 10-15 minutes to complete and require no downtime once your dermatologist has completed the treatment. They do recommend wearing sunscreen.

Most patients at Matsuda Dermatology say that the treatment is painless, but that the laser energy feels like rubber bands snapping against your skin. If you’ve had laser treatment before and experienced discomfort, Dr. Matsuda, Dr. Sheu, and Dr. Jim On can administer a numbing cream before your treatment.

After your session, you may experience mild redness or slight swelling for 1-3 hours. You may notice some pigment-lessening effects as the redness fades. For the collagen-boosting effects, it can take a few weeks for benefits to arise, and with multiple treatments, your results can become cumulative.

To see if PicoSure can help you reach your anti-aging goals, call Matsuda Dermatology today to schedule your appointment or go online to book.