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Scars can be very bothersome in appearance. Some scars can also become symptomatic with itching and tenderness as they become raised and thickened. These enlarged scars are called keloids. Dr. Matsuda, Dr. Sheu, and Dr. Jim On in Honolulu, HI offer several effective therapies to improve the symptoms and appearance of such keloids.


Keloids are ropey, raised scars that occur after injury to the skin. The source of skin injury can vary, and can include acne or a surgical procedure. The resulting unsightly scars may enlarge over time and can become itchy or tender. Once the scars are enlarged beyond the boundaries of the original site of injury, the scars are considered keloids. Keloids can occur anywhere on the body, but most commonly occur over the chest, back, shoulders and earlobes. They can vary in color and be skin-colored, pink, red or dark brown.


We do not completely understand why keloids form. The specifics of the biochemical signaling in wound healing and in cell growth have not yet been fully determined. The tendency to form keloids can run in families.


Matsuda Dermatology offers a variety of treatment options as there is no one therapy that works well for everyone. Keloids commonly respond to cortisone injections but other therapies including freezing with liquid nitrogen, surgical removal, compression treatment, irradiation and the use of certain lasers are also treatment options. Treatment is quite effective in improving the appearance of the scar and in greatly improving any symptoms of pain or itch. Any discomfort associated with treatment is well tolerated and can be minimized with local anesthesia.


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